David Thoming
A picture of David Thoming

Superintendent of Schools

Mr. Thoming has served as superintendent of the New Jerusalem Elementary School District since January 2006. During the past 11 years, he has led the district through unprecedented growth; mainly through charter schools.

The district currently authorizes 16 charter schools, and directly operates 11 of those. Outside of his superintendent role, Mr. Thoming has served as an expert witness in a high profile charter school case and has taught Education Law for aspiring administrators for the California State University, Stanislaus, School of Education.

He is a “hands on” leader, and his knowledge of Education Code and how it pertains to both districts and charter schools is amazing. He has helped many charter school operators, as well as districts, get established and wade through the various levels of approval, implementation, operation, and oversight of charter schools.

Laurie Fracolli
A photo of Laurie Fracolli

Deputy Superintendent, Curriculum and Instruction

Mrs. Fracolli brings over 30 years of experience to her work as Deputy Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction. She began her career working in preschool programs and then stepped into elementary classrooms as a teacher for eight years. She moved into administration and spent 12 years as a Principal at K-8 schools in both the San Francisco Bay Area and Central Valley. She was given an opportunity to work for a national non- profit organization, New Teacher Center, that focused on providing a structured approach to supporting new teachers and administrators through state and local efforts on the ground, in the field, and through state policy legislation. It was this work where she thrived in supporting others through mentoring, providing professional development and leading efforts in Leadership Coaching for states including California, Hawaii, Oregon and Florida.

She has worked for New Jerusalem Elementary School District for the past three years. In her role, she supports the integration of standards, standards-based curriculum, research-based instruction, as well as professional development and accountability. She is responsible for all District and State Testing and Accountability reports, Staff Development and Training, New Teacher Support and Mentoring, Principal and Leadership Coaching, Curriculum and Textbook oversight and Data Analysis.

Steve Payne
Photo of Steve Payne

Deputy Superintendent, Student Services and Human Resources

Steve has worked in education since 1994, starting his career in the Linden Unified School District as a high school special education teacher.  After 7 years in Linden, he moved to Tracy Unified as a 4th and 5th grade general education teacher for 3 years.  During his time in Tracy, Steve completed his coursework to become an administrator and moved back to Linden as the Director of Student Services.

After 3 years in Linden, Mr. Payne came to the New Jerusalem Elementary School District working as a school principal and a special education director.  During his time in New Jerusalem, Steve has worked with district and district authorized charter schools to create and provide educational services to special needs children.  His focus for the district and its special education program, is to focus on the individual needs of each child.